How To Buy Tron Cryptocurrency TRX

how to buy tron

How to buy Tron

You may have heard about Tron – TRX, a decentralized entertainment content sharing platform, and you may be wondering how to best go about purchasing said cryptocurrency.

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How to buy Cardano with USD or EURO

Buying Cardano is not easy, but this step-by-step tutorial will guide you through all the difficulties.

Creating a Coinbase Account

Next, get your credit/debit card ready and procceed to You will see a screen similar to this:

Go to Coinbase

coinbase signup for tron

Enter your email address and click on “Get Started“.

Next, you will be presented a signup form asking for your first name, last name, e-mail, a strong password and a 18+ confirmation box.

After you have done this, an email verification mail is send.

Proceed to the next step by confirming your email address.

Now, you will be presented a signup form asking some more personal information and your preferred payment method (debit, credit or bank transfer).

After selecting your payment method you have finished creating your Coinbase account and can start trading cryptocurrency!

Buying Bitcoin on Coinbase

Because there is currently no direct TRX/USD Trading pair, you’ll first have to buy Bitcoin through Coinbase.

Don’t worry, buying and selling Bitcoin on Coinbase is a piece of cake.

Click on the Buy/Sell tab at the top of the page, you will be presented the following screen:

buy bitcoin on coinbase

Here, you will choose how much USD/EUR you want to spend on Bitcoin, which we will use to buy Cardano afterwards.

When buying bitcoin, there is a limit of $300 / week before the need to provide a form of identification. This can be done with your passport, identity card or drivers license.

If you do not plan to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars a week on Cardano or other cryptocurrency. You can skip this identity verification process.

When buying Bitcoin on Coinbase there is a small fee involved. This small fee is more than worth it for the easyness of the platform.

Where to buy TRON


When your purchase of Bitcoin on Coinbase is complete we can start moving your funds to the TRON trading platform Do not be overwhelmed by the platform. It is actually pretty easy to use.

Creating a Binance Account

When you go to Binance you will be presented with the following screen:

Go to Binance

binance trading platform

The first thing to do is click on Register on the top-right.

You will be presented a signup form.

binance signup form

To start trading on Binance you will only need to fill in your email address and a strong password. The greyed out field is information about who referred you.

After agreeing to them Terms of Use, click on Register.

Just like Coinbase, Binance requires you to verify your email address.

binance verify email

After verifying your email, continue to Login with your email address and password.


After logging in, a popup asking for extra security will show. We will skip this part for now, but I definitely suggest using 2FA for more advanced security.


Transferring Bitcoin to Binance

On your dashboard, click on Funds -> Deposit & Withdrawals in the top right menu.

On the Deposit & Withdrawal page, search for “BTC” exactly. Those 3 letter B-T-C and not a single more (these are other coins).

Click the Deposit button for BTC – Bitcoin and copy your deposit address.

deposit bitcoin binance for TRON

Once copied go back to

Click on Account in the top menu.

Next, press Send on the Bitcoin Wallet and an interstitial will open up. The first field which says “Enter a BTC address” is where you past the BTC Deposit Address from Binance.

Choose how much Bitcoin you want to send. It is also possible to choose the amount of BTC by USD.

Leave the Note empty, unless you want to send yourself a message, and press Continue.

send money to deposit address

When the transaction is confirmed, we can leave Coinbase behind and go buy TRON.

After some time (can take up to an hour some days), our Bitcoin will have arrived on Binance. You will now see your BTC balance in Deposit & Withdrawals.

Buying TRON on Binance

Use the top menu and click on Exchange -> Basic.

This is where all the trading happens. It might look scary, but it is much easier than it looks.

On the right side of the screen you have a small search box. Type in TRON and press search.

In the table under “Pair” you should now see ADA/BTC. Click on this.

binance - TRON chart

Afterwards go down to the boxes under the chart. We are currently only going to use the left one with the green “Buy TRON” button.

The three important fields in this form are: Price, Amount & Total.

DO NOT manually change the price. One small mistake here, like accidentally removing and 0 and making the price 0.04957 instead of 0.004957 can make you lose money real quick. Leave the price as it is, this the price TRON was last traded at.

Change the amount to how much TRON you want to buy. You can use the 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% to automatically fill in the field with the percentage of your current BTC balance. If you want to put all your Bitcoin in TRON, click on 100%.

The total field is greyed out and will show you exactly how much TRON you will get for that price.

After you double checked everything, click on “Buy TRON”.

Congratulations, you have now bought your first TRON!

Or wait… If the price went up after you landed on the Exchange screen, you might have to wait a bit for the price to go back down.

If you want to buy immediately without waiting, click the lowest red number on the right. This will change your “Price” in the form. Now you just have to click on Buy TRON again to complete the trade!

You can always cancel your order if you scroll down a bit, setting/cancelling an order does not cost anything.


Coinbase currently supports following countries to buy TRON:



Czech Republic
San Marino
United States
United Kingdom

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